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May 21, 2007


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Being a holiday today, I seem to have some time available for play. So two posts in one day!

Last fall while visiting my parents in the Okanagan, we made a day trip to Peachland and took a walk along Deep Creek to Hardy Falls. For fifteen minutes as we crossed the many small bridges over the creek, I made many images. I noticed that we were mostly in the shade of the deep canyon and the creek was reflecting the deep blue of the clear sky above, with quite limited spots of sun getting through the canopy of trees. What amazing colour!
[Panasonic LX2]

Trees 3

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I’ve presented 5 more from this series of “Trees” and will move on to something different for a bit. This is by no means the end of the series, only a break.

Something which may not be obvious at first, is the fact that all the images presented so far in this series, have been made when the trees are without their summer foliage, allowing them to show off their wondrous and intricate details. These images have all been made in Alberta, a province so rich in beauty!
[Olympus E-1]

May 20, 2007

Trees 2

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I am posting more from the “Trees” series today. I am not real great at putting words down describing my photography. Hopefully the images speak for themselves and have some connection to each viewer. My hope is that you the viewer gains an appreciation for the subject photographed.

I work with many different cameras and formats (everything from small digital point and shoot cameras right up to an 8″x10″ view camera)as well as in both colour and b&w. Usually I have a few series on the go and so you can expect to see quite a bit of variety here.
[Olympus E-1]


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A series that is constantly on my mind. I rarely can pass an opportunity to look closely at trees, finding details, patterns, and new views which might normally get passed over.
[Olympus E-1]

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