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February 21, 2008


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Tonight was a near perfect night to watch the lunar eclipse. Nice clear skies and only -2C. Our next chance to view a total lunar eclipse won’t be until December 2010. If you click on the image you can see a few more stars which just get interpolated out at low -res.
[Canon 5D, Sigma 80-400mm}

February 17, 2008


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Yesterday at work we got to enjoy a wonderful bouquet of tulips brought in by Cheryl. I could see them from my office all day way across towards the back. Before the day was out I needed to make a photograph of them!
[Canon 5D, 180mm Macro]

February 12, 2008


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I made this image tonight as I waited for my boys to finish their music practice. The days are finally starting to get slightly longer and around 6-7pm there is still quite a bit of light in the sky. The image is quite unique as the colour of the sky has taken on a mix of the deep blue after sunset and the red/orange of the street lights creating a nice mauve tinge. The structure itself, which really is white, is being lit with street lights and shows as a great complimentary colour to the sky. There was a small window of opportunity of maybe 5 minutes where the two colours mixed just right to give it this nice shade. Any sooner and the structure was still lit by brighter daytime light and was white and the sky a pale blue. Any later and the sky went a terrible red/orange as though I was photographing a firestorm.
[Canon 5D, 24-105mmL]

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