Collin J Örthner – Photographer

March 13, 2009

Valley of Fire State Park

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Looking back east towards the entrance of Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, I remember the completely exhilarating and yet panicked feeling I had because it was all so beautiful and foreign to me. I had no idea what to expect and wanted to see it all. The problem was I had only maybe 20 minutes of sunlight left. Where does one pull over to make an image? Maybe if I was to just go around one more bend just ahead, maybe that’s where the most spectacular part of the park is!! Maybe I’m already looking at the best part and should just stay put. It does get better than this image shows, in fact the further we drove into the park heading into the sunset, the more spectacular the scenery became! We headed up one of the roads in the park well after the sunset, where my exposures were getting into the 10 seconds at 500ISO range when the ranger put his lights on and told us the park closed at sunset and we would have to turn around. If you get anywhere close to Las Vegas and can afford the afternoon to take a short drive(1 hour each way), do stop in to see this place. It really is special!
[Canon 5dMkII, 24-105mmL]


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