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July 22, 2009

Aurora Borealis

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Our northern lights are back again!! I’ve been waiting a long time to see them. I made this image  at a few minutes after midnight this morning from our back yard.

July 19, 2009


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Here is an example of me really steeping out of the box! I do love abstract paintings and thought I might try a few things with some photography that is far removed from what I usually do. I imported this image into Photoshop and played with it. I found that it was necessary to really put to use, and then discard, the normal rules of photography to come up with what I consider a balanced and finished piece of truly abstract art. Of course, I would love to here from you on what your thoughts are in regards to this piece, but also abstract art in general.

July 13, 2009

Movement 10

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An image I made this past week along the shallows of Police Lake in Police Outpost Provincial Park (PDF link) , which is along the Montana border in extreme southern Alberta. This is just a most amazing park, although tiny in size, it is a place I could call home. It contains gorgeous prairie, wetlands, a fish-able lake and a view that is second to none of the Rocky mountains off to the west.

July 5, 2009


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Well actually at the time this image was made it was just a funnel cloud, but it did touch down either just before  or just after I made this image. This storm seemed to have built up very quickly over Red Deer. I had been eating my dinner around 6:30 and had been listening to distant thunder for maybe 10-15 minutes. Having just finished looking at the radar before I went outside to put away a spade, it appeared the storm had dissipated and moved off to the east. Laura followed just behind me and as I bent down to pick up the spade she said “That looks like a funnel cloud!” I looked up and you could see the start of a small triangle poking down from a rather large storm cloud which had built up right behind the previous storm  in only a few minutes. I ran back into the house to grab my camera and the phone. I put a call into Environment Canada and started quickly making images. After shooting a bunch from the back yard I thought it would tell a better story if I could include homes that appeared to be threatened by the storm and ran across our street to a small knoll which gave a nice elevated viewpoint. Just not something you see everyday!

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