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February 26, 2010

Learning To See

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The warm colours of the late day sun in autumn, just seconds before setting, on a small building which was only a minute or so walk from where I lived in the hamlet of Rosedale, Alberta. The building is gone, as are the trees, all plowed under. I spent many a day photographing this building and it’s surroundings, all the while learning to see. It allowed me to start seeing abstractly, playing with different weights and balances of colour, shape, lines, and textures. I made close-up abstract images, documentary images, nighttime images, and images with movement, square images and panoramic images. This image, though, is one of my favourites made with my Linhof 617 panorama camera. I have another favourite image of this building made with another favourite camera, my Yashicamat 124G, which makes 6×6 images. I will have to dig through my files and find it.

So often we complain that we have nothing to make images of, when even right under our noses there are some superb compositions waiting to be found. I still complain, it’s an easy out, but every now and again force myself to start looking. Looking closely, at things around me which I carelessly throw away, figuratively, so often without so much as a glance. Now that the weather is pleasant I go for a walk almost every day during my lunch break, taking along a camera of some sort searching out the commonplace that is hiding beautiful, complex, or sometimes downright stunning compositions that I had walked past many many times without “seeing” them. Get looking and really see!!

[Linhof 617, 90mm, Fuji RFP]

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