Collin J Örthner – Photographer

March 19, 2010

Sauble Falls, Ontario

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The Sauble River is a river in Bruce County, Ontario which flows from headwaters in Chatsworth County to empty into Lake Huron at Sauble Beach, Ontario.

Sauble Falls Provincial Park is located at a waterfall close to where the Sauble is joined by its tributary, the Rankin River. Despite its low height this is a very popular waterfall. It serves as a natural water slide and an excellent fishing spot.

The river was originally called Riviere aux Saubles, or sandy river, by the French. It was named the River aux Saubles in 1759 and became the Sauble River in 1859.

In the spring, rainbow trout make their way from Lake Huron up the fishing ladder at Sauble Falls to spawn in the tributaries of the Sauble River. Huge fish can be seen leaping and thrashing their way up the falls. In the autumn, salmon make the same journey up the Sauble River for spawning.

The day we visited Sauble Falls, the temperature hit 36C and there were a lot of people sliding down the falls. I set up my Fuji panorama camera for my shot, and waited and waited, hoping to find even a couple of seconds when there was nobody in the photo. Unfortunately, after waiting for what seemed like forever, I almost gave up thinking it wasn’t going to happen. Just then a thunderstorm opened up and started to downpour and people were scrambling to leave. I quickly covered my camera and within about a minute or so I had my chance at a clear shot. I purposely chose a very small aperture, which in turn allowed me to use a long shutter speed of about 1 second, which renders the flowing water beautifully. I then quickly packed up my camera and stashed all my gear under a large tree to keep it from getting soaked by the rain. Just as quick as the rain started, it stopped, and back came all the kids again to continue in their fun, and I had my shot!!

I envisioned it at the time in b&w and so I transformed the original colour image into b&w using Photoshop. The colour version just doesn’t have the impact of b&w in this case.

[Fuji GX617, 90mm lens, Fuji Provia 100]


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