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September 2, 2010

CN Tower

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Well, you didn’t expect me to go to Toronto and not try to make a few images of the icon of the city did you?? All my images from Toronto were made without the benefit of a tripod, so needless to say I needed to improvise for all the nightime images. I would use any solid support I could find and then jam my fingers under the camera to try and get the angle of view I wanted and then press very gently on the shutter release for as long as 30 seconds breathing very gently. It sometimes took a few tries to nail down an exposure that didn’t blur the image to some degree. Using many of the newer digital cameras that have an image stabilizer feature can be a trying experience if you’ve left it turned on when making these long nightime exposures as the camera thinks you are moving, when really you are trying to be as steady as possible, and it creates it’s own movement thinking it’s doing a bang-up job for you!! Turn it off or you will never get a clear image with exposures longer than even a 1/4 second. It’s a great feature when doing handheld work, but a complete disaster when doing long exposures on a tripod or like me jamming the camera against railing or concrete walls etc. My camera does have a few war wounds now with some scrapes and all, but it’s a trooper and provided some great images for me.

[Canon G10]


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  1. I love the first one – well done.

    Comment by Judy — September 2, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

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