Collin J Örthner – Photographer

February 2, 2011

Bighorn River, Alberta

Filed under: Black & White, Nature, Rocks, Travel, Trees, Water — collin j örthner @ 5:21 am

I made this image near the base of Crescent Falls on the Bighorn River this past spring. I was turned 180 degrees from the falls and noticed this small pool of water. It took a bit of playing with different compositions, but finally everything aligned nicely to form this image. Digital cameras are so great for this type of shooting, where you can play around a bit to find just the right composition. By reviewing the images on the screen after taking a shot you can view it for a while in two dimensions, which for me at least, tells me better if I have accomplished an image that compositionally holds together. Yes the scene was beautiful to look at and enjoy, and yes I knew the potential was there to make a compelling image, but I needed to study a few different compositions on the back screen of my camera to know that I had made the image  that was there for me.

[Canon G10]




  1. I love this photo, Hey Collin my Birthday is comming up…hint hint hint……lol

    Comment by Suzann Yakimchuk — February 2, 2011 @ 2:57 pm

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