Collin J Örthner – Photographer

March 21, 2011

Waskasoo Creek, Red Deer

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I made this photo while looking down from the bridge over Waskasoo Creek in downtown Red Deer. I wish that the businesses along the creek would take it upon themselves to help beautify the downtown core of Red Deer by putting a bit of effort into cleaning up the creek, and keeping it clean, along the frontage of their businesses. It would be a nice statement to show that we care about the creek and the environs around us. The way it stands now it looks a lot like they feel it is more of a nuisance,  Bushes are cut down so people driving along the street can see their business better. I have seen so much neglect with garbage strewn all along the creek including shopping carts right next door to the business they belong to. Don’t they care at all? It would need to be a team effort and not just the once a year that citizens help to clean up along our creeks. Even the city does nothing about it. Do they not care about the impact on the environment all the garbage makes either? Do they not care about the unsightly look of it? It wouldn’t take that much effort by a team of workers, maybe summer student,s to make a serious impact on our immediate environment, and make a huge improvement on what our city looks like.

[Canon G10]


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