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May 25, 2012

Bower Woods in the Rain

Filed under: Abstract, Black & White, E-M5, m4/3, Movement, Nature, Night, Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm, Trees, Water — collin j örthner @ 2:41 am

OK, so my new Olympus E-M5 camera is supposed to be weather resistant, soooooo, out I went last evening to do some exploring through a local park along Piper Creek in Red Deer. My wife refused to come along as it was rather cold along with the somewhat wet conditions claiming that it only takes one person to press the shutter button! I took the camera and the 12-50mm kit lens, which is also weather resistant. In fact, the only reason I bought the camera as a kit was so that I had at least one lens that I could take out into weather and not have to worry about it. To say it was wet in the Bower Woods would be putting it mildly. It had been raining all day and every tree was dripping water off it’s limbs and leaves along with the constant light rain. I never paid any mind to the camera being exposed to these conditions other than to keep the lens pointed down if at all possible to keep rain drops from getting on the front element. A few images were ruined because of raindrops painting out-of-focus highlights on my images, but that’s likely to be expected in these types of conditions. I use a Promaster HGX UV filter on the front of the lens which has some great coatings making it a breeze to clean and doesn’t streak so easily as some cheaper filters will.

Walking through the woods was an absolute joy and I feel very privileged to even have the ability to walk on these trails, listen to the raindrops, and smell the lushness!! By opening up my senses fully and taking in everything around me, I start to relax my mind and it didn’t take long to start finding situations that were inspiring enough to start making images. I found a small pond virtually covered in pollen from the spruce trees which created a fabulous abstract.


The normally very slow and small creek was flowing quite strong after a full day of rain and managed to find a few place that allowed a nice view. Using as long a shutter speed as the conditions allowed (note to self – buy a variable ND filter) enabled the water to blur a bit which adds a bit of drama to the scene.


The water was rather dirty(although it does remind one of a nice vanilla bean latte) so for this image I converted it to b&w (speaking of b&w, anybody notice Lomo introduced a b&w 110 film this week).


I continued walking through the park until it was quite dark, which adds a sense of mystery to images if you accurately translate the receding light levels in your image. Not only was it starting to feel a bit eerie in the low light levels, but my battery was on the verge of dying, so I headed back to my car and home. I have quite a number of images from this outing and will try and post a few more once I get them edited.




[Olympus E-M5, Olympus 12-50mm]


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