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August 31, 2012

Harvesting under a “Blue” moon – E. Smith Farms

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I went out this evening in the hopes of catching some images of the “Blue” moon. I almost didn’t even leave the house as I could see a band of clouds all along the east horizon. I went anyway as i love driving around in Red Deer County anyway. Sure enough the clouds were blocking my view of the moon as it was rising so I turned around from my high spot and started to head back home.A few kilometers down the road and I found some combing action. I decided to grab a few shots as the sun was setting.




As I was watching the combines I noticed the moon, which was now quite high off the horizon, poking through the clouds. I think the clouds were thinning out as the evening progressed. I saw that if I would just move down the road a couple hundred meters I might just be able to line things up for a nice composition. As the combine would crest the small hills I set off a barrage of shots with my camera. Unfortunately the moon was so high already as I was envisioning an image of the moon on the horizon behind the combine, but alas, you get what you get. as they finished each row I simply shuffled down the road a bit further to keep the machinery and the moon lined up nicely.

I stopped to chat for a quick minute and to find out the name of the farm E.Smith Farms runs their operation just to the southeast of Red Deer in beautiful Red Deer County.

My evening ended listening to the coyotes howling their approval of a great night while watching the farming in action. I absolutely love this time of year!!



[Olympus E-M5, Olympus OM 300mm f/4.5]



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