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February 28, 2013

Bower Woods f/235-2

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[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]



February 27, 2013

Bower Woods f/235-1

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Last fall I wandered into the Bower Woods in Red Deer with my Zero Image pinhole camera. The aperture on the pinhole is a mere f/235(normal lenses range from about f/1.4-f/22) which means very little light can get through. My exposures on this somewhat cloudy and dark day ranged from about 2-4 minutes each. This sort of photography, at least for me, allows me to really soak up the ambience of a place as you need to slow way down while waiting for the exposure to finish. Knowing that each exposure is so long also helps in finding just the right place to set up as I realize the time necessary for each image and I want to be sure that each one counts. There are two more posts coming in this series all from the same roll of film and all made on the same day.



[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]



February 17, 2013

St. Hubertus Estate Winery

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Laura and I paid a visit to this beautiful little winery in Kelowna and I just happened to have along my Holga camera. 🙂 This old truck was sitting in an open garage and I could tell it wanted to have it’s picture taken!



[Holga 120S by Holgamods]



February 13, 2013

Alyth Yards Bridge

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This was taken only minutes after my post a few days back of this same bridge. I think I had put a “new” roll of film in my camera, which may account for the different colour cast. I say “new” as I am slowly using film I have had in my freezer for as long as 24 years with not much for ill effects save a slightly different rendering of colour which I am OK with.  This view is looking southeast and the image a few days back is looking to the northeast. I do recall it being quite brisk this day as Doug Williamson and I explored around the Ogden area of Calgary a bit. You can see there is ice flowing down the Bow River in this, roughly, 7-8 second exposure through my f/235 pinhole.




[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]



February 11, 2013

High Water in Kelowna

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[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]

February 10, 2013

Innisfail, AB

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[iPhone 4S]



February 9, 2013

AGA – Alberta Gallery of Art

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An image from a building that begs to be photographed. I had two cameras with me this day. Neither considered the norm for a photographer a their main camera – one a Zero Image pinhole and the other, the one I used for this image, an iPhone 3GS. I am perfectly OK using whichever camera I have with me and making it work for the image I have in mind at the time. I also used the Snapseed app and CS5 to process the image.




[iPhone 3GS]



February 8, 2013

CPR Bridge – Alyth Yards

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Canadian Pacific Bridge (Alyth) connecting main tracks with CPR Alyth Yard in Calgary. Made with a Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera.



[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]



February 2, 2013

Lamont, AB, 1990 #6

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This is the last of the Polaroids I found. I know there’s more, but who knows, could be years before they show up!!




[Polaroid Spectra]



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