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February 13, 2013

Alyth Yards Bridge

Filed under: Architecture, Documentary, Hand of Man, Ice, Industrial, Medium Format, Movement, pinhole, Water, Winter, Zero Image — collin j örthner @ 7:59 pm

This was taken only minutes after my post a few days back of this same bridge. I think I had put a “new” roll of film in my camera, which may account for the different colour cast. I say “new” as I am slowly using film I have had in my freezer for as long as 24 years with not much for ill effects save a slightly different rendering of colour which I am OK with.  This view is looking southeast and the image a few days back is looking to the northeast. I do recall it being quite brisk this day as Doug Williamson and I explored around the Ogden area of Calgary a bit. You can see there is ice flowing down the Bow River in this, roughly, 7-8 second exposure through my f/235 pinhole.




[Zero Image 6×9 pinhole]




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  1. Love the Zero Image. Love love love it. The movement of the river and the stark white of the ice are a great contrast to the deep blue sky above.

    Comment by janaobscura — February 18, 2013 @ 1:14 am

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