Collin J Örthner – Photographer

May 22, 2013

James River Stones

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While we were relaxing for the weekend at Camp Teepee Pole along the James River, I spent some time leisurely strolling along the shoreline. Looking for stones has been in my blood for many years as my parents were real rockhounds when I was growing up and our family would go out looking for dinosaur bones along the Red Deer River valley or Handhills Agates near and around the Handhills east of Drumheller. The best time for agates was in spring before the farmers had planted their fields and after a good wind which would clean all the stones on the surface of dirt making it easier to find. Dinosaur bones are constantly being exposed through erosion. So, after a good rainstorm, and once the ground had properly dried out, newly exposed fossils would be exposed and waiting for eager eyes to locate. I even had my own small satchel with my initial on it to put my treasures in. In fact, I still have that small satchel and many of the fossils and agates I had collected. Finding interesting stones is a genuine pleasure for me as is searching out beautiful textures such as these.






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