Collin J Örthner – Photographer

May 26, 2013


Filed under: Abstract, Nature, Skyscape, Square, Trees — collin j örthner @ 10:28 am

How often in our busy lives do we miss noticing the small details and subtle beauty of creation all around us. Even if we live in a big city, one can notice these wisps with amazement, but get into true wildness, the state of mind that comes with slowing your mind down, emptying it of all the thoughts from our day to day lives about work, or school. We are able experience this wildness by simply sitting and absorbing what the creator has given us, the subtle sounds of a tiny waterfall almost hidden in the tangle of the underbrush. Feeling a cool breeze on our face at the same time as absorbing the warmth of the sun on a cool autumn day. Really feeling and experiencing the wildness that has existed since time began. It is no different now than ever before. Our minds can only absorb so much technology before we go into overload, with our iPods, x-boxes etc. Taking some time for our minds, for our being, for our sanity, can be as easy as sitting on a park bench or a stone along the path. Then without a thought of what to have for dinner, or how you will approach that difficulty at work, watch how a butterfly flies around erratically almost without purpose. How often does it settle down and rest? Does it return to the same place more than once? Look at the amazing colours of it’s wings as it alternates being backlit by the sun and then as it sits camouflaged like just another dead leaf on the ground. Did you notice how many different birds were singing around you and if any seemed to be talking to each other? Have you noticed how warm the rock you sat on is that’s been sitting in the sun, but when you put your hand down for balance on a shaded spot of the rock it was dramatically cooler? Look at how the small clouds fill the empty spaces left by the trees as they drift along with the wind. Amazing when you notice that the trees of the same species seem to know just how big a gap to leave between there branches as you stare straight up! Oh yeah, that cool breeze on your face and the suns warmth at once. Close your eyes and thank your creator!




[Sony RX100]



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