Collin J Örthner – Photographer

October 7, 2013

Good Memories

It was an early Saturday morning in Drumheller. I headed out before sunrise to drive around the small town of Rosedale where I spent quite a few years growing up. I also took the short drive along the Rosebud River to Wayne where you cross 11 bridges in about 7km. The sun had just cleared the valley walls and was raking across the grain elevator creating a wonderful pattern on the side. I scrambled through the ditch with my gear and set up a three image vertical stitch. I don’t think it gets used any longer as the tracks alongside are becoming grown over, unless maybe someone owns it as there own private granary I suppose. I recall the train rumbling through town every night only 30 meters from our front door. Our whole house would shake. I really enjoyed it when a train heading from Saskatoon to Calgary would sit on the siding waiting for a train travelling the other direction to pass. They would sit and idle and sometimes shuttle back and forth maybe dropping off a car or two. The sounds were fantastic! Even now I can lay on my bed listening to sound recordings of trains and I have a very distinct sensation of the building shaking as it had when I was a kid – very cool to say the least.

The trains would pass through town heading west with full loads of grain and on quiet autumn nights I could hear the low rumble for as much as half an hour as the engines pulled hard on their way up the gradual slope along the Rosebud Coulee towards the west coast.



[Sigma DP3 Merrill]





  1. I continue to enjoy your work. It seems that you have all 3 Sigma’s. Any notable preference?

    Comment by Dean Z — October 7, 2013 @ 9:55 pm

    • Good day Dean, I really enjoy them all, but tend to use the DP2 and Dp3 more than the DP1. That said, I really enjoy photographing middle distance subjects and details, so the DP3 is getting a pretty good workout right now!

      Comment by collin orthner — October 7, 2013 @ 10:25 pm

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