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February 24, 2014

Desert On Fire

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Laura and I travelled to Phoenix last week with my parents. We took part of our last day before flying home, to travel into the desert northeast of the city. We headed into Tonto National Forest on the N. Bush Highway a few miles past Saguaro Lake, which is a body of water created by the Stewart Mountain Dam. This was actually not the road I intended on travelling and so I turned the car around and headed back. As we past the dam we noticed a lot of smoke ahead, so I pulled over to have a look. The bushes along the Salt River had caught fire somehow and were burning quite intensely. Whenever  the flames engulfed another tree or bush the flames would leap skyward sending smoke hundreds of feet high. The temperature was around 30°C and so felt rather warm for someone who had just come from a weeks worth of  at least -30°C, and it felt already like the desert was on fire, just not literally. It was a spectacular sight and I quickly made some images before the rangers started clearing out those of us watching the spectacle.



[Canon G10]



Esker Nest

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I visited the Esker Foundation in Inglewood, Calgary yesterday  to view the latest exhibits. I made this close-up image of their very unique floating “Nest” that is used as a meeting room.




[Olympus E-M5, Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm]



February 4, 2014

Red / Green

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The water tower in Red Deer received a shiny new coat of paint from top to bottom last summer. Now that winter is in full force again (currently -29°C), I haven’t been getting out making too many images, but just a few days ago, I was early for a lunch meeting and I noticed these very bright mountain ash berries contrasting rather nicely with the fine looking green of our water tower. I used up my few minutes I had at my disposal and froze my fingers nearly off, but hey, I got a nice image!




[Sigma DP1M w/ Ricoh GW-3 adapter]



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