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September 26, 2014

A Funeral, Decrepit Building, and Signs of Harvest

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Last Saturday my wife, oldest son and I were in Drumheller for the funeral of the father to some good friends from back in high school days. What a fantastic man he was too!

We got into town a bit early and so we walked along main street for a couple of blocks and found the “Sports Room” entrance. Unfortunately the town feels pretty run down and almost uninviting. A real shame as the potential is huge!



Later in the evening we left before sunset as I don’t like driving central Alberta highways at night because of all the deer and moose. As we got near the small town of Carbon we found these silos glinting from the sun.




[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]



September 25, 2014

Heading to the Game

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Last week on Thursday we headed to Great Chief Park as a family to watch my wife’s cousin’s son playing in his high school football game. It was very pleasant out as darkness gathered for the evening, but my two sons were not taking any chances that it wasn’t going to get cold and were bundled up pretty good. Can you tell if there is any difference between personalities between them? LOL Love them both!




[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]



Vertical T’s

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Back to a few more images, that I never got around to earlier, that were made with the Leica T camera. This time all verticals:







[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]





September 23, 2014

The White Picket Fence Life

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“I grew up with the white picket fence. My dad went to work nine to five, and he had a station wagon.”

Matt Dillon







[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]

September 22, 2014

Keeping Things In or Out

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By function

  • Agricultural fencing, to keep livestock in and/or predators out
  • Privacy fencing, to provide privacy and security
  • Temporary fencing, to provide safety, security, and to direct movement; wherever temporary access control is required, especially on building and construction sites
  • Perimeter fencing, to prevent trespassing or theft and/or to keep children and pets from wandering away.
  • Decorative fencing, to enhance the appearance of a property, garden or other landscaping
  • Boundary fencing, to demarcate a piece of real property
  • Pest-exclusion fence
  • Pet fence
  • Pool fence
  • Snow fence

– Wikipedia






[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]




Paris – San Francisco

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Air France flight AFR84 was travelling a bit higher than 12000m and at 900km/h as it passed over the Alberta prairie north of Three Hills on Saturday between Paris and San Francisco.



[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]



September 18, 2014

Great Chief Park

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My family headed off this evening to watch the rival high school football teams, Notre Dame Cougars and the Hunting Hills Lightning, play at Great Chief Park here in Red Deer. It was a spectacular evening as it was very warm and completely calm. Unfortunately “our” team (Cougars) got kicked pretty bad, but the atmosphere was great with over 550 people at the game.





[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]



Off to the Market Once Again

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[Panasonic GF2, Panasonic 20mm]





September 14, 2014

Early Morning, Wood Shed

I was out early Sunday wandering around Camp TeePee Pole with my camera while my family was still sleeping in our cabin. It was overcast with a light rain falling, but I didn’t want to head back inside, so I headed off behind our cabin through some woods and on my way back came on to the backside of the wood shed. The ladder caught my eye as it appeared to glow in the early morning light. A beautiful Sunday morning capped off with a potluck breakfast and worship in the camp dining room.




[Sigma DP3 Merrill]




September 7, 2014

Done for the Season

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Welcome to my 555th post!!!

Looks like our ferns are about done for the season. They are one of the first bits of green we get to see in spring and what a welcome sight indeed! Now, however they are spent and will return to the soil to further the next seasons growth.




[Sigma DP3 Merrill]



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