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June 17, 2013

Two Jack Lake

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Evening blues take over at Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park, and a few stars peak through the darkness over Mount Rundle as it gets close to midnight.




[Olympus E-M5, Olympus m.Zuiko 12mm f/2]



October 1, 2012

Aurora Borealis

I caught wind that there may be a decent showing of aurora borealis tonight, so I quickly texted a couple of photo friends to see who wanted to come a long for the hunt. Gary Kuiken made it out and joined me about 20km outside Red Deer, AB to the east of town where there are very few lights to bother the view of the sky. We didn’t get a long show, but it sure got dramatic for a few minutes! We grabbed as many shots as we could before the aurora faded away and some clouds moved in. Even with a nearly full moon, the aurora still managed to put on a grand show. Creation is stunning!!!

The image above is my favourite of the evening. I used the tiny Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye lens for most of thee shots. You can tell which ones simply by noticing the curved horizon line. The lens is seeing 180° diagonally. This lens is really superb and is sharp right into the corners even when shot with the aperture wide open at f/3.5 ! Love it.

The show started out quite faint and not all that showy.

Looking straight up at the corona is always a treat, you just have to watch your balance in the dark and you neck bent over backward!

Then things started to pick-up and the aurora brightened significantly and you could really see the curtains moving quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to photograph spectacles like this as it is nice to simply watch the show, but then I couldn’t show you the magnificence of it!


[Olympus E-M5, Olympus 12mm f/2.0, Rokinon  7.5mm f/3.5 Fisheye]




August 14, 2012

Twp Rd 80

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On our way to Kelowna we got detoured around a mudslide near Banff a few weeks back and so re-routed south towards the Crowsnest area of southern Alberta along highway 22 near Pincher Creek. A few large thunderstorms had moved through about an hour previous and so the air was washed clean. I pulled over and we jumped out of the car. The boys couldn’t believe the stars. I set up my camera on a tripod and set the shutter for a long time exposure. Cars driving along the highway were lighting up the grass nicely and helped to balance the foreground and the sky. So amazing to see creation in all it’s splendour!! I believe the green is very faint northern lights illuminating some super high (noctilucent?) clouds. The cloud along the horizon is one of the large thunderstorms moving east over the lights of Lethbridge.

UPDATE – Sept 15:

I found this on earlier today which is likely a better description of the green sky:

“Although airglow resembles the aurora borealis, its underlying physics is different. Airglow is caused by an assortment of chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. During the day, ultraviolet radiation from the sun ionizes atoms and breaks apart molecules. At night, the atoms and molecules recombine, emitting photons as they return to normal. This process produces an aurora-like glow visible on very dark nights.”

[Olympus E-M5, Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm f/2.0]

May 14, 2012

Abraham Lake, Alberta

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Abraham Lake in southwestern Alberta has amazing colour as you can well see. The water level has been allowed to drop substantially in anticipation of the snowmelt to come off the mountains in the next month or so and it should be right back to full again. There seems to be plenty of snow to melt high up, even Bow Summit on Highway 93 still had maybe 2m or so of snow on the ground. My family stopped by the lake yesterday on our way home from Banff and Lake Louise. I used my Olympus E-M5 and the wonderful Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens for both these images. Thankfully, this camera has amazing image stabilizer as the wind was screaming down the lake with nothing to stop it, which is pretty normal here, but non-the-less, it was buffeting me around and I really had to concentrate to hold steady.



My youngest son Alexander modelled for the second image with his armed outstretched in the wind. the two of us had a great time exploring the shoreline right down to the waters edge.



[Olympus E-M5, Olympus 12mm f2.0]





April 16, 2012

More from Ogden – Abstractions

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One of my great pleasures is searching out abstracted images in the ordinary everyday places I happen to be in and around. This was the same day that Doug Williamson and I were out a few weeks back in the Ogden area in Calgary. Just like the last post, I can’t really say much about the images here in the way of explanation other than the balance of colours, textures and patterns appealed to me enough that I felt it necessary to examine them closer and attempt to capture an image that holds together. I hope you enjoy them, and as always I welcome your comments.












[Panasonic GX1, Olympus 12mm M.Zuiko, Olympus 45mm M.Zuiko]

April 14, 2012

Ogden, Calgary, Alberta

Doug Williamson and I spent some time a few weeks back exploring the Ogden district of Calgary searching out some photo ops. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular, just things that caught our eye.. Things we could study to find balance and patterns. Things that may not mean anything to anyone else but things that somehow made sense to us at that time and in that place. It is fun to head out without any agenda and just explore with your eyes and mind to come up with an image that “works”. I can’t really say a whole lot more about these images as they were just things on that day that “worked” for me. If any strike you as something that “works” or maybe they all “fail” for you, I’d love to hear your comments!

Doug is a fabulous artist and I have had the pleasure of spending time with someone who inspires and enriches my life. I always look forward to the time I can spend with him and his very talented wife Shannon! Doug has a big exhibit of his artwork coming up in Calgary at the Wallace Gallery starting on April 26th.

[Panasonic GX1, Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm, Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm, Leica 60mm Macro Elmarit-R]

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