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January 31, 2013

Lamont, AB, 1990 #5

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[Polaroid Spectra]



January 29, 2013

Lamont, AB, 1990 #4

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[Polaroid Spectra]



Lamont, AB, 1990 #3

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[Polaroid Spectra]



January 28, 2013

Lamont, AB, 1990 #2

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Second in this short series of 6 images all made using a Polaroid Spectra camera.



[Polaroid Spectra]



January 27, 2013

Lamont, AB, 1990 #1

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I pulled out a few Polaroid images made way back in 1990. This image was made using the Polaroid Spectra camera. I am hoping to find one at a thrift shop again soon. I also found my old SX-70 camea for which I will need to pick up some film for right quick. I really like the look of these images!



[Polaroid Spectra]



November 14, 2012

Shapes and Interactions

A couple weeks back while in Calgary, I was down in the Ogden area  which has a lot of light industrial including the ADM Milling Plant along Bonnybrook Road. They mill wheat here and it arrives by either train or truck. I am obviously on the truck side of the plant and found this very busy scene full of shapes and textures. The challenge then became how to find an composition that used these shapes to the best benefit. All the different interactions that go on in a composition like this can be confusing and some sort of order is necessary to keep the viewers interest. Watching for a balance between different shapes(i.e. circles, triangles, squares and lines) can be a challenge, but I think that virtually every scene you might come across, wether it be a landscape or an industrial scene like this one, has the potential to be “organized”. Notice the odd number of wheels verses the even number of truck trailers. The three wheels are also anchoring the dark triangle above it ,which is really just a space. There is a single telephone pole that has been cut off, so to speak, halfway down the image only to re-appear again just above the one tire keeping the bottom half of the image from being it’s own entity, but now part of the whole. The many horizontal lines contrast with the very stark and obvious vertical line of the trailers and the building behind. The somewhat random and imperfect lines of the telephone cables and the curved lines painted on the trailers contrast nicely with the many ‘perfect” straight lines throughout the image. Then we have all the small square windows adding still another shape, the square into the equation. There is also a balance of tones in the image ranging from virtually pure white to pure black, but with many tones of gray in-between. Sure there is a lot to think about but I find when I make images like this it really only takes a few seconds to “see” it.  These types of images are some of my favourite kind to shoot, not a pretty postcard, instead an image that challenges me to watch for patterns, shapes, textures, interactions, and tones, and it’s my hope that the viewer will find a pleasing, and hopefully stimulating experience from them.



[Sigma DP2 Merrill]



September 25, 2012

First day of fall in Red Deer County

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A gorgeous morning to usher in fall this year in central Alberta. Took a short drive down C&E Trail and across through Penhold. In fact Penhold is somewhere in the fog in this image made from a few kilometres to the west of town looking east.



[Olympus E-M5, Olympus 40-150mm]



August 4, 2012

Rock’n Red Deer 2012

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Every three years the city of Red Deer hosts the Alberta Superrun Associations rodrun. As many as 1000 gorgeous vehicles participate in many events and my favourite the Friday night cruise through downtown Red Deer. I went out again this year and had a great time checking out some superb vehicles. There were hundreds of spectators lining the streets as two lanes of rods cruised Ross Street from 6pm -10pm. I’m sure many hung around and cruised into the wee hours this morning too as it was a beautiful evening – still 20C at 10pm.There are quite a few images in this post, but hey it’s my blog  and I had way too much fun to edit anymore out. Hope you enjoy!! let me know which your favourite is. Maybe there was another vehicle you liked better. I may have an image of it too – let me know and I can post it. Most of these images don’t document the vehicles depicted in them with much accuracy. Instead I was aiming more for the feeling of a cruise night with lots of action,reflecting lights, and noise.

September 3, 2010

King Street East & Yonge Street, Toronto

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[Canon G10]

August 31, 2010

Driving Home

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Dwight Arthur (Photek), commercial photographer, along with his son Timothy and myself, were down in Calgary photographing some buildings for a developer and on the way back to Red Deer late in the evening, we drove through a couple of small thunderstorms. I decided to drag the shutter on my G10 to see if I might capture a stroke of lightning. I held the camera on the dash (Dwight was driving! I know you were thinking I was.) and pressed the shutter button for a 15 second exposure. A few cars and one large semi-trailer truck drove by on the other side of the highway during the exposure. Obviously I couldn’t hold the camera very steady and so the light streaks became jagged as the camera bounced around in my hands. I got a few images and mostly they were a disappointment, but this one I felt was interesting.

[Canon G10]

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