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October 26, 2015

Piper Creek

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Piper Creek meanders it’s way through Bower Woods late in the evening before meeting up with Waskasoo Creek in downtown Red Deer and only a kilometre or so before the water of both creeks joins the Red Deer River. In places, Piper Creek flows at an almost imperceptible pace. There are a lot of log jams formed from the very temporary, but also very strong surge of runoff from the big thunderstorms that roll through central Alberta all summer. I have watched it go from hardly a trickle to a raging torrent in only a few minutes.





October 20, 2015

Evening’s Glow

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It was pretty much dark in Bower Woods when I made this image. It was dead calm allowing for a 30 second exposure and the leaves didn’t move! Late light like this has a special quality you don’t get a chance to see when it’s bright out or on a sunny day. Colours seem to glow in a special way.


We see thee when the moon’s soft silvery beam

Succeeds the glowing sun in yonder sky;

And the calm evening, peaceful and serene

Quiets the heart and gladdeneth the eye.

When all is hushed, but the low murmuring rill,

When all is calm around, beneath, on high,

And the great Master’s mandate —“Peace be still,”

Seems to pervade the earth, air, sea and sky,

Whilst evening shadows deepen into the night,

And golden stars look down from heaven’s height.


Lizzie May – Twilight Hours






October 18, 2015

Quiet Comes

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Evening approaches and quiet comes to the forest called Bower Woods. Only a few squirrels and a nuthatch were making any sounds. The trails have gone silent from those who had been out enjoying an evening walk, some with their dogs, some were jogging, and a few were riding their bikes. I think it was just too beautiful outside today for many to stay indoors.

I paused here along Piper Creek and enjoyed the quiet, watching the faint blue of the sky above reflect off it’s surface, contrasting so nicely with the warm tones of autumn. A few of the trees were sporting a nice blue reflection on their bark too and there was barely a breath of wind left. A small cottontail rabbit watched me from where it thought I couldn’t see it as I walked back to my vehicle in the dark.





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