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October 27, 2007


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I suppose I could have called this part of my tree series, bit there are no branches – small technicality. Laura Lee and I were out for a walk and caught the last few remains of fall colour here in Red Deer. Only a block from home along the sidewalk and what a find!
[Panasonic LX2]

Wind on the Water

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One of the challenges I give myself is trying to explain the action of wind with a photograph. It’s not very often that I feel I have been able to capture the right effect. Here is an example of a chinook wind blowing over the Bow River in Calgary. This one I feel works nicely. I did need to play with a few different lengths of exposure and wait for a fairly strong gust of wind to catch just the right amount of movement.
[Panasonic LX2]

October 22, 2007

Late evening

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I went out for a short walk with my son Thomas last night close to dusk. It was perfectly still and without the slightest breeze which allowed for fairly long exposures. This area along Piper Creek here in Red Deer is one of my favourite areas to go exploring if I don’t want to go far from home.
[Olympus E-1, 50-200mm]

October 19, 2007

Waskasoo Creek

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Alright, two more then! I forgot I had this image ready for the web as well. I made this image a couple of weeks ago before we left for B.C. on our vacation as I wanted to familiarize myself with the little Fuji F50 camera before leaving. The image was made along Waskasoo Creek here in Red Deer.
[Fuji Finepix F50]

Mount Robson

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OK, just one more for tonight. I’ll have to start digging through the files again as all the new images are posted tonight – oh well.

What a magnificent mountain is Mount Robson! I don’t remember actually seeing the top of this mountain before as usually, at least when I’ve been travelling there, it’s covered in clouds. We just had to stop and document it. A little bit postcardy maybe!
[Fuji Finepis F50]

Fun, Fun, Fun

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If photography was just to document things, although likely important, I would have to think twice if it was really worth pursuing. Start playing around and count me in! I made this image in Penticton last week and then played a bit in photoshop. this is definitely not a document of said building.
[Fuji Finepix F50]

Forest Fire

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Thanksgiving is when my family goes on our annual trip out to Kelowna, B.C. to visit my parents and usually end up driving through the Kicking Horse Pass and Rogers Pass to get there. This year however, due to some other commitments in Edmonton, we ended up going through Jasper and Kamloops along the Yellowhead Highway instead.

Just a bit north of Kamloops lies the small town of Barrier where a devastating fire rolled through in 2003, nearly destroying the town . It took out huge areas of forests as well of which these images show.
[Fuji Finepix F50]

Autumn Too

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The day before the big wind and we still had a fair bit of colour as you can see. One day later it and it looks like the end of November. I caught the sun just breaking through the tops of the trees as it lit up the yellows in the background. I literally had time for two images and it was all changed. My plan was to explore this scene for a bit with the digital and see if I could find a composition worth setting the whole rig up for. I searched alright for two quick snaps and that was it. I’m still quite pleased with this image as it feels really complex and yet has some order to it – just the way I see. Remember you can click on the image to enlarge it – there is quite a bit of nice detail and colour contrasts that show up when this image is enlarged. I especially love the way the bottom of the foreground tree trunks, being in the shade, are reflecting the pure blue sky from above, while the tops are warm from the rising sun.
[Fuji Finepix F50]

October 6, 2007


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Well wouldn’t you know it, autumn has arrived in full fury. What was with the snow this morning!! Granted the colours are spectacular now and honestly autumn is my favourite season. The smells, colours, and change are about the most dramatic of them all. I especially like to capture the change of seasons – not quite autumn, not really summer anymore either. You know, a little green is still around, it’s raining(mostly, except for last night!), not snowing yet, but definitely a chill about. Makes for a rather cool ride to work on my bike, and what better way to observe the seasons than to ride the trails in Red Deer 5km to work from April to November(if that snow stays away – how can you tell I think winter should wait a while?).

This image was made in a light rain at the Chikakoo Lakes Recreation Area just north and west a bit from Spruce Grove, Alberta. When this image is enlarged, thousands of tiny raindrops can be seen hanging from all the branches and leaves.
[Anba Ikeda 4×5, Fujinon 300mm C, Fuji Velvia 100F]

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