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January 30, 2008

New York City

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A quiet corner near the entrance to the New York Public Library and a detail of the Manhattan Bridge. Colours, lines, and format all play a part in making us feel that some things belong together.
[Nikon D2X, 12-24mm & 18-200mm]

Adams River

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Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, British Columbia. The Adams River famous for the largest Sockeye Salmon run on the west coast. Many salmon can be seen in the image immediately above. Click on the image to make it larger.
[Panasonic LX2]

January 25, 2008


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An very minimalist image I made yesterday that really shows what the midday sun in winter can look like – BRIGHT!

Brick Wall
Tree Shadow

[Canon 5D, 24-105mmL]

January 23, 2008


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Being a tourist trying to take-in and absorb as much about the place we are visiting can be difficult to accomplish fully. Sometimes it comes together in a collage of things all at once, on one level, all together. Lately I have been listening to the Quiet American (Aaron Ximm)and his superb recordings of sounds made into collages(my words – not his). I can identify with them easily, even though I have not visited in person any of the places he has recorded, and yet I feel I am there while listening.

Hard to explain, but every now and again, usually involving a window with it’s transparency and reflections, an image comes to me that explains my visit somewhere. This particular image was made on a visit to Manhattan, specifically the financial district of downtown Manhattan. The more I think about this image and my memories of the trip, the Quiet American’s way of using sounds helps me remember many of the sounds from my trip enriching my memories that much more.
[Fuji F10]

January 19, 2008


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Solar cycle 23 comes to an end and solar cycle 24 has started, which means we are headed towards a much higher abundance of Aurora borealis. The last major storms occurred around 2000-2003 and the next maximum should be in 2011-2012. There were many great opportunities to witness this phenomenon at the last maximum and I’m sure the next will be as good or better!
[Pentax 67II, 35mm fisheye, NHG800]

January 7, 2008

La Boheme

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Laura Lee and I were up in Edmonton on the weekend with our friends Judy and Gerard. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast called La Boheme on 112 street. The two bedroom suite we were in was called the Vivaldi Suite. Built in 1912, it still sports original plumbing and many layers of paint to go along with the requisite creaky floors.
[Canon G7]

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