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February 19, 2015

Ha Ling Peak

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Ha Ling Peak sits immediately south of the town of Canmore, Alberta. There are hiking trails up the south face and a few technical routes on the north face. I was up in the area last June and as I drove up the road to the Spray Lakes it got very foggy. In fact for a while it was hard to see anything, but as the fog lifted a bit details started to emerge and it felt like I was standing on the west coast somewhere. It was very beautiful! It is hard to tell looking at this image, but this is a colour photograph.




[ Sigma DP3 Merrill ]



February 7, 2015

White Pyramid

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White Pyramid reflecting in Waterfowl Lake, Banff National Park, AB




[ Sigma DP3 Merrill ]



February 4, 2015


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A favourite spot for me to stop and photograph in Banff National Park is the Muleshoe Picnic Area. It’s along Highway 1A not too far along (5.5km) to the west of the Banff townsite. The site has a beautiful aspen grove that has almost too many options for images. I made this image last summer from right alongside the parking area and after getting out of my vehicle, I immediately saw a composition that reminded me of something Ansel Adams might have made an image of. Just recently I made a 40″x50″ print of this image that looks really amazing!




[ Sigma DP3 Merrill ]



February 1, 2015

Sunwapta Falls

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A stop at Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park is really a must do if you are travelling through the area. A gorgeous waterfall into a spectacular canyon await. After a lot of rain last spring, the water level was pretty high and added a lot of drama to the river as it tumbled over the large boulder at the top of the falls.  I decided to use a long exposure to blur the water, and it took a few tries to capture just the right amount of blur along with enough of the boulder showing through for contrast.

[ Sigma DP3 Merrill ]

September 14, 2014

Early Morning, Wood Shed

I was out early Sunday wandering around Camp TeePee Pole with my camera while my family was still sleeping in our cabin. It was overcast with a light rain falling, but I didn’t want to head back inside, so I headed off behind our cabin through some woods and on my way back came on to the backside of the wood shed. The ladder caught my eye as it appeared to glow in the early morning light. A beautiful Sunday morning capped off with a potluck breakfast and worship in the camp dining room.




[Sigma DP3 Merrill]




September 7, 2014

Done for the Season

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Welcome to my 555th post!!!

Looks like our ferns are about done for the season. They are one of the first bits of green we get to see in spring and what a welcome sight indeed! Now, however they are spent and will return to the soil to further the next seasons growth.




[Sigma DP3 Merrill]



June 9, 2014

Disintegrating Storm

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Red Deer County, Alberta (click the image to embiggen it)



[ Sigma DP3 Merrill]



April 27, 2014

Late April / Late Snow

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I drove off into Red Deer County a bit east of town this morning to capture what happened overnight. Yeah, it snowed again last night, but thankfully it’s all disappeared already. It didn’t take very long as the temperature when I headed out was only -1C and it quickly climbed above zero. It was a very interesting sound when all of a sudden all the snow melted and the water drops started falling off the tree branches. It sounded like it was raining. It was  quite a nice morning to be out.



[Sigma DP3 Merrill]



March 28, 2014

Man vs. Creation

Mesa Arts Center, Arizona

Grand Canyon from 11000m (36000′)


[Top – Sigma DP1Merrill w/Ricoh GW3,  Bottom – Sigma DP3Merrill]



January 9, 2014

Autumn Storm Clouds

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Storm clouds rolling over Red Deer County last fall. I made this along one of my favourite backroads that winds through some hilly country a bit east of Red Deer.



[Sigma DP3 Merrill]



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