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March 28, 2009

Movements 3 & 4

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Another two images made in the same fashion as the previous post only this time I could have used a tripod but chose against it in the interest of experimentation. #3 was made as the setting sun streamed through the leaves and branches of our neighbors tree. The quality of light was fantastic and a traditional straight image of the tree just wasn’t conveying the mood. In the end I chose this image as my favorite. It feels like warm flames flickering. #4 was made well after sunset and has a cold disturbing feel to it, just the opposite of #3.

Movements 1 & 2

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Movements and its effect on images can be very interesting to say the least. Some movements are made by nature and others by myself. With the wind gusting to around 60kmh it was nearly impossible to aquire any sort of sharp image as I generally try to accomplish. Failing to bring a tripod along on my walk I decided instead to start exploring what could be found in movements. While not an exact representation on nature, I feel that they still tell a story of things we can’t see, but are out there to be found with an inquisitive eye.

March 27, 2009

Hockey Rink / Practice

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The hockey rink across the street from our home is used virtually every evening throughout the winter months. One night I was working on my computer and was listening to the shouts of kids and the sound of pucks hitting the boards and decided to make a recording of the sounds. I went out and started my recording just after the coach blew his whistle ending the formal practice. The sound clip I have posted is of 20 or so 12 year old kids just messing around for the last few minutes before their parents drive them home.

[Canon 5D, 24-105mmL]

Hockey practice

This audio clip was featured on PRI’s “The World” radio program as well as on the “Quiet American – One Minute Vacation”  website a year ago. (scroll down to January 21st)

[Sony MZ-R37 MD recorder, Sony ECM-907 microphone]

March 21, 2009


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The $1.5 billion Venetian Hotel. Absolutely mind boggling 5013 rooms! The Grand Canal Shoppes is an extensive 500,000-square-foot themed, indoor retail mall. The area features cobbled walkways, a reproduction of Venice’s Grand Canal complete with real gondolas and a replica of St. Mark’s Square. The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, the 65000 square foot Canyon Ranch SpaClub, and 19 remarkable restaurants, all waiting to make your visit a great one. Seems a bit over the top to me. Even if you aren’t staying there you must at least go see it.
[Panasonic LX3]

Grand Canal Shoppes –

March 19, 2009

Valley of Fire Moonrise

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Another image made in Nevada’s Valley of Fire recently. I had to quickly scramble over rocks to get to where I could line up the moon just how I wanted. It was only after getting back to the car that I remembered I’m not in Alberta anymore. Things like big spiders and scorpions could easily be hiding in those same rocks. So needless to say I was quite a bit more cautious from that point on.
[Canon 5dMKII, 24-105mmL ]

March 14, 2009

Rogers Spring

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Rogers Spring is one of several natural springs that occur near Lake Mead in Nevada. It is a hot spring caused by geothermal activity deep within the ground at the base of the hills nearby. A small stream flows from the spring towards Lake Mead watering a few palm trees and undoubtedly some wildlife along the way.
[Canon 5dMKII, 24-105mmL]

March 13, 2009

Valley of Fire State Park

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Looking back east towards the entrance of Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, I remember the completely exhilarating and yet panicked feeling I had because it was all so beautiful and foreign to me. I had no idea what to expect and wanted to see it all. The problem was I had only maybe 20 minutes of sunlight left. Where does one pull over to make an image? Maybe if I was to just go around one more bend just ahead, maybe that’s where the most spectacular part of the park is!! Maybe I’m already looking at the best part and should just stay put. It does get better than this image shows, in fact the further we drove into the park heading into the sunset, the more spectacular the scenery became! We headed up one of the roads in the park well after the sunset, where my exposures were getting into the 10 seconds at 500ISO range when the ranger put his lights on and told us the park closed at sunset and we would have to turn around. If you get anywhere close to Las Vegas and can afford the afternoon to take a short drive(1 hour each way), do stop in to see this place. It really is special!
[Canon 5dMkII, 24-105mmL]

March 11, 2009

MGM Grand Hotel

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After returning home on Sunday from Las Vegas, I haven’t had much time to process my images. This is one of the first few done. There is definitely no shortage of the “WOW” factor in that town! One’s sense of scale is completely out of tune with your mind most of the time. Everything is done on a grand (pardon the pun) scale.
[Panasonic LX3]

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