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November 4, 2014

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Shooting film in my “new “Leica M3 has been a great experience. I got back my first film back the other day and all appears good with the camera. Exposures are good and no light leaks. I have purchased a Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar which seems to be a fantastic lens for the money and it looks good too!



An image from my first roll of film through the camera which was a VERY outdated roll of Kodak Max 400. I think it actually looks pretty good so long as you give it enough exposure. I was on my lunch break and walked along Taylor Drive near the hospital where some great trails and woods make for a very enjoyable time!


Available as a print on my Etsy store.


[ Leica M3, Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar, Kodak Max 400 ]



October 24, 2014

Leaves on Film

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I have been using some film lately in a few of my cameras. I have always liked using film and I have a fair bit of outdated film of all sorts and brands in my freezer, so I thought I would start using it. This image was made on Kodak Max 400. The very early light is just skimming across the leaves revealing some gorgeous texture and highlights the great colours of fall. I am unfamiliar which tree these are from in downtown Red Deer, but the purples are amazing!


Available as a print on my Etsy store.



[ Minolta X-570, Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f1.7 ]



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