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April 19, 2009

Best friends

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_mg_9265bwWe had the great pleasure of having the Fox family from Medicine Hat visit this past week. Their two boys, Noah and Jonah, and our two boys, Thomas and Alexander, are best of friends. Any time we get together they have a blast and are constantly talking about what they can do together when they grow-up. They are always quite sad when it comes time for one of the families to head home. I snapped this photo this morning just before they left for sunny Medicine Hat.

Left to right: Alexander, Noah, Thomas, Jonah

April 16, 2009

Movement 6

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Some of these movements images were taken in some very challenging conditions. The wind was really howling through these trees and even though I used image stabilized lenses, virtually all the images I made were ruined from me being buffeted by the strong gusts. Image stabilization in lenses is amazing technology, but can only do so much.

April 14, 2009

Movement 5

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April 9, 2009

Bower Woods Film

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I finally finished my first video film short titled “Bower Woods” As regular readers of my blog probably recognize, I visit these woods quite frequently. I filmed twice on different days for a couple of hours each time and then pieced together a montage of what I was seeing. Using my new Canon 5DmkII camera to shoot very high quality HD video is proving to be very exciting! This film is not perfect by any stretch and I already see a few improvements that can be made. Remember you can leave comments or suggestions at this or the Exposure Room site. I welcome them all. The image above is a screen capture from the film.

See it on Exposure Room in HD

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