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September 25, 2014

Vertical T’s

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Back to a few more images, that I never got around to earlier, that were made with the Leica T camera. This time all verticals:







[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]





August 25, 2014

Tinges of Pink

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Pink, magenta, purple, whichever you think works best! The same day I got the “Bits of Blue” images I also acquired a few that fit the warmer palette of pink. The first image maybe is a bit subtle, but I really like the tiny roses and scattered rose petals adding just a tiny specks of colour.






[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]



August 22, 2014

Blue Bits

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A bit of blue found during my lunch hour stroll near work yesterday. It’s fun trying to find a series of images that are tied together by a colour, and I do like this blue!





[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]



August 20, 2014


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I found a great review on the Leica T camera that you can see here. I’ve really started to enjoy using this camera, even with it’s few hiccups. I quite like the colours coming off the sensor and the sound of the shutter is sooooo Leica, not to mention how good the camera looks. It’s rather refreshing to see a new camera design that isn’t a retro design.



[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]



August 12, 2014

Textures Around the Block

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Once again I took out the Leica T with the very useful 18-56mm lens. I love the versatility of this lens, but could see the use for a high speed f/1.8, maybe f/1.7 normal lens in the 45mm to 50mm range. I know this isn’t super high speed, but it would be enough while keeping the physical size small. Anyway, off I went around the block from work and literally these images are all made within about a 100ft from my office, as were the first batch I posted a few days ago, except the flowers. I had one issue happen to me with the camera when it completely locked up and I was forced to extract the battery and replace it when all was good again. It has only done that once so far and will almost certainly get addressed with a firmware update.







[Leica T, Leica 18-56mm]



August 8, 2014

Leica T

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Nothing like having the Leica rep drop by the shop and offer to leave the new Leica T camera for me to play with for a bit. I immediately went for a walk around the block and wow am I ever enjoying this camera. It is carved from a solid block of aluminum and the screen on the back takes up the whole back of the camera and is a touch screen just like an iPhone. In fact this thing looks like it could have come out of an Apple factory with it’s complete minimalism of 2 dials and a shutter button and clean lines. The image quality appears to be very nice too. I am looking forward to doing a lot more with it shortly, but the few minutes I’ve used it so far are making me a happy camper!







[ Leica T ]



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