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April 15, 2008

Badlands and sysconfig

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My apologies for the delay updating my blog!! Our computer crashed last week beyond the “Blue screen of death”. this one was black and said something about sysconfig and corrupt etc. etc. Not exactly my language of preference! Anyway, I think I’ve managed to retrieve all but my e-mail archives, but we have a good friend in Ken Higgins who is looking after us and is confident in a full recovery. Yeah!!

The images above may look completely crazy for colour and contrast as I worked on them with our laptop. It’s what I have, so it’s what I’ll use. If these are really bad, I’ll rework them and post them again as an example of proper colour calibration on ones computer.

All that said – these images were made last July in Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks, Alberta. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which puts it on par with sites like the Taj Mahal, Petra or Kakadu National Park in Australia! It is a fabulous place for a visit! Getting up a 5am was necessary to capture the sunrise and was worth every second of sleep that was lost. Being 36C during the day, all that we did during the heat of the day was relax anyway. I am looking forward to one or two visits again this year again.
[Olympus E410, 14-42mm)

April 6, 2008

HDV Stills – Piper Creek Evening

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Took out the little HD video camera again the other night close to home along Piper Creek. This is definitely not the camera for me as it is just too hard to navigate the menus to get what I need for the image. I think the Canon XH-A1 will be much better in this regard as it has a great many more buttons on the camera and so requires far less menu cruising and more time shooting. More time shooting is definitely the direction that appeals to me.
[Canon HG10]

April 3, 2008

Sunset HD Video Stills

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Last weekend we were up at my in-laws place just north of Spruce Grove, Alberta. I decided to take along a small HD Camcorder to put together a few images that I might have shot as still images to see if they might make a nice film clip. I pulled a few images as stills from the video that show the story of the sunset on Saturday evening over a period of half an hour. Of course I know virtually nothing about video editing and will try my hand at it once I figure out how to make it work and post a clip hopefully with some music to go with it in the future.
[Canon HG10]

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